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    Hello Brian, Broker/Owner, Coldwell Banker Schmitt 305-395-0814 Lela Ashkarian, Realtor/Consultant/Negotiator I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that Lela has closed the sale of our property there. My brother James and I were very impressed with Lela, she is a treasure. Brian I deal with a lot of people in business and you see all kinds but your staff there was professional in all phases from marketing and canvassing our property to follow ups on all showings. I know you Dad couldn't be more proud of the people you surround yourself with and it shows. Great Job! Thanks for your help. Cal Cochran Cal, Thank you ! I am so pleased that everything went well with Lela and the sale of your home. I especially appreciate your reference to my Dad who provided the foundation for our company that we strive to live up to every day. Lela was a favorite of my Dad and we are lucky to be able to work with her. Congrats on the successful sale and Best of Luck to you and your family in all your endeavors. Kindest Regards, Brian Lela, It has been a pleasure to have you handle the sale of our property. You have been attentive and very professional throughout the process. I truly appreciate how you have been diligent in every aspect of the marketing of the property and dealing with the buyers and I could not be more impressed with your skills. You are the Best. I am going to enjoy the Baklava you sent, many thanks to you. Cal and James C To Brian Schmitt the Broker "Hire More Lela's Tom, P CH Hi Lela It was a great experience working with you. You have a wonderful attitude and outlook on life, and you are great at your profession. I truly look forward to referring people to you when the opportunity arises. I wish you all the best, as you certainly deserve it. Warmest regards, Wayne R (Attorney at Law) David C. (seller) "Brian, I am writing today to personally tell you how pleased I am doing business with your company and with Lela in particular. She has worked so very diligently on my last 2 transactions and they were both very difficult and time consuming to put together so they could be closed. Lela has the utmost in professionalism and follows through implicitly on everything we discuss. She knows what the market is and is very realistic in her comments and advice. As a former business owner I can tell you how fortunate your company is to have an associate of her calibur working for you but I'm sure you already know that. She is very efficient and we have a mutual respect for each other's time. I have worked with other agents in the past and there is on comparison... she is "THE BEST!" I;m sure she will continue to earn my business in the future. I also want to express my sincere thanks to the Coldwell Banker Foundation that was so helpful in making my last move a pleasant experience and made it possible for me to move my belongings on time. Lela and the other volunteers Working there did a superb job. I thank you so very much for your kindness and friendship." David & Dawn B. "Lela did a wonderful job getting our lot spld. Would highly recommend her !" Patrick & Debra F. "Lela is amazing & awesome !!" Jeff & Melody J. "Dear Lela, Considering the economy and the fact I was selling a boat slip in an economy where boating is a luxury item. Iam very pleased at the entire transaction and the follow thru that you and your staff brought to the table. You were professional and dilligent. I appreciate your efforts and the next time Iam buying or selling in your area I will work with you and your office again. Thank you so much!" Beck Rhodes Lela! "The patience and kindness you showed me as I faced new personal life challenges helped find the strength to make difficult decisions and along the way, I found acceptance of my new reality." Becky R Peace is the result of training your mind to process life as it is rather than as you think it should be. Wayne W. Dyer Bill E. & Von C. "We are incredibly appreciative of your knowledge, effort and expertise in finding us our Dream hone in Cudjoe Key. We are very excited to begin our new adventure and make the home uniquely "ours!" Your dedication and follow up made the process a joy! * By the way, we LOVED the ad featuring our home and our dog! Thanks!" Theodore S. "My wife, Corrine and I wast to compliment you and express our appreciation for your having Lea on your staff and the outstanding way she handled this sale. Lela was exceptional in all respects and although we have been involved with real estate agents in five different states we have never had the outstanding satisfaction that we had in this transaction. We owe it all to the way in which Lela handled every detail from our intial interview to the closing." J.H.F., Ohio "Lela takes her time to read, takes consideration of the big picture, understands the customer's/ clients needs and considers their preferences and practices. She makes the efforts to educate agents and buyers and help them understand the REO/Short sale process when trying to purchase and REO or Short Sale property. She is available, timely and responsive. Great Agent and she is proud of it. Works hard and is willing to do the hard work." Eileen B. "Hi Lela, We just want to again tell you how appreciative we are on your selling of our house. Your professional conduct made it possable in such a quick time. From the time we first met you through the closing you were extremely responsive and kept us up to date every minute. You positive outlook made us feel very comfortable with you handling the process. We would be more than happy to enthusiastically recommend you to anyone. Thank you again for all you did for us" RAP "Lela was the most professional and thorough sales person in Real Estate I have ever dealt with. We have purchased over 15 homes in the past 20 years and this was by far the best experience we have ever had." Thomas & Joan J. "The sale went through quickly(2weeks) and with minimium fuss. Lela is a good representative & addition to your organisation. We were very happy to have her especially now when times are tough in the real estate world." Joe F. "As always Lela Has done a great job. Thanks " Joe & Heidi F. " Always a pleasure working with "Lela" Jeffrey B. "Lela was extremely responsive & helpful. She got my information, showed me what I wanted to see and some things I was not aware of. Very efficient, friendly & helpful. I sincerely appreciated Lela's help." Eileen B. "We just want to again tell you how much we appreciate Lela's selling of our house. Her professional conduct made it possible in such a quick time. From the time we first met her through the closing she was extremely responsive and kep us up-to-date every minute. Her positive outlook made us feel very comfortable with her handling the process. We would be more than happy to enthusiastically recommend you in the future." Richard W. "Lela is a very professional and dedicated agent. Our short sale was a long process and she never quit on us." Robert & April P. "Lela was the msot professional and thorough sales person in real estate I have ever dealt with. We have purchased over 15 homes in the past 20 years and this was by far the best experience we've every had." Joseph and Heidi F. "It was a true pleasure working with Lela on our purchase. She is a true professional that takes the stress out of home buying. Lela has a great ability to balance patients with making the sale! She is a keeper!" Sam and Patti W. "I have never had a problem in my life with property to have to short sale. The most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. You helped keep me from going over the edge! Thank you." Rusty and Gina P. "Lela was there to assist us in this transaction – an excellent job!" "Clone Lela" Brian D. Ghel Wi Lela, Words cannot express the depth of gratitude that you have given us in taking on the impossible task of listing our condo and selling it in record time. The circumstances at Casa Clara Condominium, as you are well aware, are utterly impossible. You were able to professionally and coolly communicate with them to get the information you need.ed. They will give no one, owners, tenants, especially Realtor 5 minutes of their time, yet you sacrificed hours with Margie in order to get the correct information and to review it until you understood all of the details regarding the multitude of assessments. Your patience and professionalism exceeded anything we could expect from a Realtor. Professionally, there is nothing you left undone. You listed our condo,we changed our mind on the short sale route, you relisted/updated to reflect a price that it would r;ell and to our surprise it actually sold and had several offers within 3 days!!All of this, after communicating with us over the past year, as we trudged through this nightmare Casa Clara has become and tried to digest our gruesome circumstance. That is commendable to say the least ! In past experiences with Realtors in Florida and New Jersey, we expect to do a lot of the leg work. If not, closings get canceled or pushed back among other negative circumstances because the Realtor didn't do all of their job. You were on top of this transaction every step of the way, impeccable! You are aggressive in every thing you do and it shows, by you leading us down a very dark path into the light. We didn't always want to hear the cold, hard truth, but your patience, experience and knowledge shone through as you held our hand through this awful experience. Your listening skills and true empathy to our horrific financial situation over the last year amaze us to this day. In having an open mind, you tried to find solutions that: would put our interests and well being before your own. Commission and sales came second and we came first, just writing that brings us utter joy and disbelief. Honesty, integrity and genuine human kindness are only a few adjectives to describe our experience with you. We will recommend your services to everyone we know. Warmlv. 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