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Discover Your Dream Home in Paradise: Florida Keys Real Estate Guide
Ashkaian/Ardis Team
Meet the Ashkarian/Ardis Team, your friendly real estate experts in the Florida Keys! Lela Ashkarian and Natalie Ardis lead a remarkable team, combining over three decades of experience to provide top-notch service to clients, solidifying their exceptional reputation in the industry.
Renowned for their extensive market knowledge, innovative marketing, and impressive negotiation skills, they ensure a smooth experience for both buyers and sellers. They value customer satisfaction, cultivating lasting relationships built on trust and personalized attention.
Connect with the Ashkarian/Ardis Team: Lela 305-395-0814 / Natalie 305-481-3317
Discover: www.SearchFloridaKeysHomes.com
Actively engaging in community initiatives, the team supports various charities and promotes the enchanting Florida Keys. Entrust your real estate journey to their expertise and passion, knowing they'll go the extra mile to help you realize your dreams.
The Florida Keys market, a diverse blend of industries, stretches 120 miles from Key Largo to Key West. Tourism drives the economy, attracting millions to enjoy stunning beaches, watersports, and recreation. This demand fuels a thriving retail industry of shops, restaurants, and more.
Fishing is a significant part of the market, offering fresh seafood to locals and visitors alike. Real estate is also crucial, with many seeking vacation homes or retirement properties. The Keys' location, climate, and robust economy create an ideal destination for tourists and residents alike.

Why Isn't Your Home Selling?

Every home seller dreams of a smooth, quick, and lucrative sale. However, even in a seller's market with a limited housing supply, there can be obstacles that slow down or hinder the sale of your home. Here are three common factors to consider if your house isn't getting the offers you were expecting.

Restricted Viewing Opportunities
It's simple: If buyers can't see your home, they can't fall in love with it. Restricting viewing times can significantly reduce the exposure of your property. Keep in mind, that some keen buyers may be coming from out of town and may not have the flexibility to work around tight viewing windows. The takeaway here is clear: Maximize your home's availability for viewing.

While it's natural to want to make the most profit from your sale, overpricing can repel potential buyers and prolong your home's stay on the market. As Jeff Tucker, Senior Economist at Zillow, points out: "Sellers who price and market their home competitively shouldn’t have a problem finding a buyer." Listen to feedback from open houses and showings. If the consensus suggests your price is too high, it might be time to reconsider your asking price.

Lack of Preparation
"First impressions last" isn't just a cliché—it's a crucial concept in real estate. A home that's visually appealing both inside and out will draw more interest. A tidy garden and a fresh exterior paint job can significantly boost your curb appeal, making your property more inviting from the get-go.

Inside, decluttering and depersonalizing spaces can help buyers visualize themselves in your home. Consider giving your interiors a fresh coat of paint and ensuring the floors are clean and shining. Remember, a well-prepared home can create a memorable impression on potential buyers.

Don't hesitate to lean on your real estate agent for tailored advice based on your unique situation.

In conclusion, if your home isn't selling as quickly as you'd like or attracting the attention it deserves, it might be time to revisit your strategy. Feel free to reach out for professional insights and advice. Let's connect!

Ashkarian/Ardis Team


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Testimonials From Customers

A letter from the Heart Gelcys and Milton Our Dream Home in Florida Keys Dear Brian, Tomorrow our family will realize a dream that began almost forty years ago for both of us as children visiting and enjoying the Florida Keys. We are writing this letter to you because our dream would not be coming true if not for the spectacular person whom you work with named Lela Ashkarian. This is the biggest purchase of our family’s life and we could not be happier with the results. The journey did not start recently, but rather 4 years ago. Four years ago, on a Saturday morning, Lela called us after we expressed interest in one of her properties that was advertised online. We discussed with her our vision and dream of purchasing a home for our family in the Florida Keys. Lela listened to us explain our vision of this “dream home” and took it all in stride. It was the first of many steps that proved to us we wanted her as our realtor. After that first conversation, we began to see her dedication, persistence and follow through. Over a span of 48 months she kept in contact with us, delicately touching base with us every few months to see how our dream was progressing. For 4 years, this amazing professional would email us, call us, and send us pictures of the houses that at that time we could only hope would one day be our home in the Florida Keys! Her faith in us never wavered as we kept postponing our purchase in the Keys. As much as we wanted to purchase our dream home, we could not do so because we were investing in our start up business. Most people would have given up on us as a lead with so many delays over the 4-year journey. Many, if not all, would have decided to let us disappear into the rear-view mirror however LELA chose to keep in contact with us and we cannot thank her enough. She has truly EARNED herself The Realtor of Century Award from our family. Through the years many realtors asked us to work with them and our response was always the same - THANK YOU WE ALREADY HAVE AN AMAZING REALTOR! In the few times we had spoken at this point, our hearts told us that LELA was the right person for us to work with! She has truly deserved and earned our business. How many people would have thought we were just wasting their time? How many people would have discounted our dream. Lela did not! Tomorrow our family’s dream is coming true and we can honestly say that without LELA and her dedication to her career we would not have our dream home. We have found a friend in LELA as well as met a truly fantastic person ---who also happens to sell Real Estate. LELA has been a dream to work with. We will recommend her to everyone that mentions they have plans on purchasing or selling their home in the Keys. Why? After this experience we feel that it is our OBLIGATION to her to do so! She stuck by us and now she is stuck with us! Thank you, Lela for having our best interest at heart! Thank you, Lela for not giving up on us! We will NEVER forget this experience and we look forward to many memories in our new Key Colony Home! Sincerely, Milton and Gelcys A letter from the Heart Gelcys and Milton Our Dream Home in Florida Keys Dream Home In Florida Keys

by Our Dream Home in Florida Keys

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that Lela has closed the sale of our property there. My brother James and I were very impressed with Lela, she is a treasure. Brian I deal with a lot of people in business and you see all kinds but your staff there was professional in all phases from marketing and canvassing our property to follow ups on all showings

by Call C

"Hire More Lela's" Clone Lela

by Tom P

Hi Lela It was a great experience working with you. You have a wonderful attitude and outlook on life, and you are great at your profession. I truly look forward to referring people to you when the opportunity arises. I wish you all the best, as you certainly deserve it. Warmest regards, Wayne R (Attorney at Law)

by Wayne R

"Brian, I am writing today to personally tell you how pleased I am doing business with your company and with Lela in particular. She has worked so very diligently on my last 5 transactions and they were all very difficult and time consuming to put together so they could be closed. Lela has the utmost in professionalism and follows through implicitly on everything we discuss. She knows what the market is and is very realistic in her comments and advice. As a former business owner I can tell you how fortunate your company is to have an associate of her caliber working for you but I'm sure you already know that. She is very efficient and we have a mutual respect for each other's time. I have worked with other agents in the past and there is no comparison... she is "THE BEST!" I;m sure she will continue to earn my business in the future.

by David C. (seller)

I have known Lela for many years as an honest, creditable individual whom I consider to be a top Real Estate Expert. Lela is totally committed to satisfying her clients real estate needs to the fullest. Her professional abilities, organizational skills, coupled with a warm and caring personality, place Lela at the very top of her profession. If you are interested in either selling or purchasing real estate, Lela Ashkarian must be your first choice. Joe P

by Joe P

Hello Brian, Broker/Owner, Coldwell Banker Schmitt 305-395-0814 Lela Ashkarian, Realtor/Consultant/Negotiator I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that Lela has closed the sale of our property there. My brother James and I were very impressed with Lela, she is a treasure. Brian I deal with a lot of people in business and you see all kinds but your staff there was professional in all phases from marketing and canvassing our property to follow ups on all showings. I know you Dad couldn't be more proud of the people you surround yourself with and it shows. Great Job! Thanks for your help. Cal Cochran Cal, Thank you ! I am so pleased that everything went well with Lela and the sale of your home. I especially appreciate your reference to my Dad who provided the foundation for our company that we strive to live up to every day. Lela was a favorite of my Dad and we are lucky to be able to work with her. Congrats on the successful sale and Best of Luck to you and your family in all your endeavors. Kindest Regards, Brian Lela, It has been a pleasure to have you handle the sale of our property. You have been attentive and very professional throughout the process. I truly appreciate how you have been diligent in every aspect of the marketing of the property and dealing with the buyers and I could not be more impressed with your skills. You are the Best. I am going to enjoy the Baklava you sent, many thanks to you. Cal and James C

by James and Call Cochran

" David & Dawn B. "Lela did a wonderful job getting our lot spld. Would highly recommend her !"

by David and Dawn B

Patrick & Debra F. "Lela is amazing & awesome !!

by Patrick and Debra F

" Jeff & Melody J. "Dear Lela, Considering the economy and the fact I was selling a boat slip in an economy where boating is a luxury item. I am very pleased at the entire transaction and the follow thru that you and your staff brought to the table. You were professional and diligent. I appreciate your efforts and the next time I am buying or selling in your area I will work with you and your office again. Thank you so much!"

by Jeff and Melody

Beck R Lela! "The patience and kindness you showed me as I faced new personal life challenges helped find the strength to make difficult decisions and along the way, I found acceptance of my new reality." Becky R Peace is the result of training your mind to process life as it is rather than as you think it should be. Wayne W. Dyer

by Becky R

"We are incredibly appreciative of your knowledge, effort and expertise in finding us our Dream hone in Cudjoe Key. We are very excited to begin our new adventure and make the home uniquely "ours!" Your dedication and follow up made the process a joy! * By the way, we LOVED the ad featuring our home and our dog! Thanks!"

by Bill E. & Von C.

"My wife, Corrine and I want to compliment you and express our appreciation for your having Lela on your staff and the outstanding way she handled this sale. Lela was exceptional in all respects and although we have been involved with real estate agents in five different states we have never had the outstanding satisfaction that we had in this transaction. We owe it all to the way in which Lela handled every detail from our initial interview to the closing."

by Theodore S.

"Lela takes her time to read, takes consideration of the big picture, understands the customer's/ clients needs and considers their preferences and practices. She makes the efforts to educate agents and buyers and help them understand the REO/Short sale process when trying to purchase and REO or Short Sale property. She is available, timely and responsive. Great Agent and she is proud of it. Works hard and is willing to do the hard work."

by J.H.F., Ohio

"Hi Lela, We just want to again tell you how appreciative we are on your selling of our house. Your professional conduct made it possible in such a quick time. From the time we first met you through the closing you were extremely responsive and kept us up to date every minute. Your positive outlook made us feel very comfortable with you handling the process. We would be more than happy to enthusiastically recommend you to anyone. Thank you again for all you did for us"

by Eileen B.

"Lela was the most professional and thorough sales person in Real Estate I have ever dealt with. We have purchased over 15 homes in the past 20 years and this was by far the best experience we have ever had."

by RAP

"As always Lela Has done a great job. Thanks "

by Joe F.

" Always a pleasure working with "Lela"

by Joe & Heidi F.

Buyers Cooperating Agent To Lela Ashkarian Hello Brian, I recently had the opportunity to have a closing with Lela Ashkarian in which I represented the Buyer " I have never had an agent pursue me like that after a deal was dead. I have learned from this deal and I have to recommend Lela for her continual correspondence with me, she was an integral part of making this deal come together. She was also very accommodating in helping to close the deal. I just wanted to let you know. I think she is a super agent and it was my pleasure to work with her.

by Gerald J.

Hi Lela, Just wanted to let you know that in the few short hours we spent with you looking at houses in Marathon Key, we learned more from you than talking with over ten other realtors in the past 3 years combined! Thank you for your patience, time and education and look forward to working with you! Lisa M

by Lisa and Randy M

Dear Mr. Schmitt - Just a note to tell you how pleased we were with our agent Lela Ashkarian. We have bought and sold several homes over the past few years, and our experience with Lela was by far the best. She helped us purchase the perfect home in a difficult market, and then helped us sell another property at a price far higher than we dreamed possible. Lela worked for us tirelessly throughout the process and was a strong advocate for our wants and needs. She provided excellent advice, kept us fully informed, and documented every communication. Lela assembled an outstanding team of professionals to support these efforts, with special mention of the valuable contributions by Natalie Ardis and Tom Wright. In summary, we were extremely pleased with the effectiveness and professionalism of Coldwell Banker Schmidt Real Estate in serving our real estate needs. Sincerely, Brian & Mary Lou

by Brian and Mary L C

Our contact was primarily with Natalie Ardis. She was fantastic and followed up on every question/concern we had. She walked us through every step before, during and after our purchase. We would recommend her or use her again!

by John and Traci A.

I am new to the area and spoke with multiple agents with different companies. Natalie was teh most professional and most knowledgeable agent. The process was very easy for me. Natalie was very aggressive and went out of her way to make sure the transaction went smoothly. She excels at her job and I will be using her or referring in the future. I was very impressed and my entire family. I would like to thank Schmitt Real Estate Company.

by Adam H.

Natalie Ardis is fantastic! Best we have ever worked with

by Jay and Sue J.

This was our 3rd real estate transaction with Natalie. All 3 of our transactions were handled professionally. Everything from start to finish she made it so easy as we were out of state before we bought this home and now full time residents. Thank you Natalie!

by Mel and Jenny A.

This is our 2nd house we have purchased with Natalie's help. We would go so far as to say we would not do another real estate transaction without Natalie Ardis

by Susan M.
Discover the Magic of Florida Keys: Your Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investment
The Magic of Investing in the Florida Keys Real Estate: Your Comprehensive Guide

 There is a certain magic to the Florida Keys that captivates every visitor. It's a tropical paradise tucked between the shimmering Atlantic Ocean and the serene Gulf of Mexico. Its enchanting allure, turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs, and unmatched laid-back lifestyle make it a sought-after destination for real estate investment. From first-time buyers, and seasoned investors to vacation home seekers, the Florida Keys real estate market caters to a diverse range of needs and tastes. At www.SearchFloridaKeysHomes.com, we're thrilled to guide you through the journey of investing in this stunning region.

 The Florida Keys, an impressive archipelago of over 120 tropical islands, boasts breathtaking beauty that stretches off the southern tip of Florida. It's a place that offers tranquility and adventure in equal measure, with locations varying from the buzzing nightlife in Key West to tranquil beaches in Islamorada. The real estate market mirrors this diversity with properties ranging from cozy beachfront cottages to opulent waterfront estates. The choices are endless whether you seek a permanent home, a vacation retreat, or a lucrative investment property.

 The Florida Keys real estate market has consistently shown growth and resilience over the years. In spite of global economic uncertainties, the appeal of the region as a holiday spot, coupled with the scarcity of available properties, keeps property values on an upward trajectory. The market dynamics, characterized by low supply and high demand, suggest competitive pricing and a ripe opportunity for potential investors.

 However, investing in real estate can appear daunting without the right guidance. To help navigate through the process, we've outlined a simple step-by-step guide. From defining your investment goals, researching the market, and selecting an ideal location, to inspecting the property, securing financing, making an offer, and closing the deal, we've got you covered.

 But the journey doesn't stop at acquiring the property. To maximize your return on investment, you should consider several strategies, such as renting out your property for vacationers, banking on property appreciation, leveraging tax benefits, and diversifying your investment portfolio with real estate.

 Investing in Florida Keys real estate presents an opportunity to reap substantial financial returns while enjoying the pleasure of owning a slice of this paradise. With careful planning, meticulous research, and the right guidance, you can navigate this real estate market successfully to achieve your investment goals. The Florida Keys is not just a hub for seasoned investors, but also a welcoming gateway for first-time buyers, offering countless opportunities to grow your investment portfolio while basking in the relaxed lifestyle of this tropical utopia.