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Florida Keys Home Seller Tips If You Know It, Disclose It

Thursday, March 28, 2013   /   by Lela Ashkarian

Florida Keys Home Seller Tips If You Know It, Disclose It

 Florida Keys Home Seller Tips If You Know It, Disclose It


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What You Need to Know About Florida Keys Real Estate Disclosures

We have 4 important documents to review and sign.   
1. The Listing Agreement, which establishes terms and conditions of the contract for 
2. The Marketing Addendum, which addresses important items involved in marketing your 
property, to achieve a sale in the time you want. 
3. The Seller’s Services Guarantee that is unique to Coldwell Banker Schmitt.  This 
document is our guarantee to perform 23 specific services for selling your property
4. Finally, the Seller’s Disclosure Statement, which states your knowledge of the property 
for the Buyer to review at the time of writing a contract.  This document gives serious 
Buyers confidence and peace of mind concerning the purchase of your property.

Florida Keys Home Seller Tips, If You Know It, Disclose It!


When buyers step into Florida Keys real estate that is listed for sale, they may notice the seller has done some upgrade, like new kitchen counter tops,  a fresh coat of paint where needed, or installed new appliances.  While most sellers make updates like this to make their home more appealing to buyers, some are also trying to hide faults within their home, such as water damage, cracks on the flooring, or the major issue we have here, could be spalling (Various concrete structures in the Keys have been found to contain excessive levels
of Chloride. This has caused a condition known as spalling which results from the rusting and expansion of steel rebar that reinforces the concrete. The Broker makes no representation regarding the Chloride level in the concrete of the structure.)


As a Florida Keys home seller, you are obligated to disclose all major property issues.  A Florida Keys home buyer should double-check the disclosure statement before signing any sort of Contract to purchase the home.


Read this important information about Florida Keys real estate disclosures BEFORE listing your Florida Keys home for sale or for buyers, before purchasing a Florida Keys Home home:

 Attention, Time, explanation and interpretation of the contract, then All things come together to Celebrate

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Our small city boasts of having three beautiful parks, including Sunset Park which gives all visitors and residents access to beautiful keys sunsets, the ocean and Sunday Concerts; also recreation areas for adults and children, and a municipal golf course.


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 Florida Keys Home Seller Tips | If You Know It, Disclose It

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