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Florida Keys Real Estate, Lela Ashkarian 305-395-0814 Planning on Moving ?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015   /   by Lela Ashkarian

Florida Keys Real Estate, Lela Ashkarian 305-395-0814 Planning on Moving ?

What is important in today’s marketplace is a good honest education about what homes are selling and what homes have just been listed. 

Experience shows that the homes that sell seem to have five things in common. 

1.  The homeowner is inspired to sell their home.
In today’s “New World" with a 16-18 month supply of homes for sale, a homeowner can no longer expect to just list their home and have buyers flocking to their doorstep like it was in the “Old World.” At our initial consultation, we will explore and discover if this is really the right time for you to sell and if you have enough motivation to compete with all the other homes currently for sale.

2.  The homeowner is clear about the 30-60-90-day Time Testing Price Strategy.
After discovering what is really important to you I will suggest a 30-day price, a 60-day price or a 90-day price. It’s important to realize that the price of your home determines how fast or how slow it will get sold.

3.  The homeowner is aware of the “Best In Class Strategy”.
The BIC is a method we use to get the home in the condition that makes it most salable. The homeowners who focus on getting their home in BIC condition sell quickest and for the highest current market value.

4.  The homeowner is willing to remove all obstacles to getting the home sold.
In the “ New World ” the homeowner who seriously wants to sell their home must be ready at all times to creatively market, show and negotiate all offers.

5.  The homeowner is willing to help get the word out.
Although I will do 90% of all the marketing for you, I will need some help from you. There are a few simple things you can do to help spread the news that you are selling your house.



I wonder how you might be feeling right now knowing the five areas that make a home salable in the “New World ”?

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