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Florida Keys Real Estate Report 305-395-0814

Tuesday, November 25, 2014   /   by Lela Ashkarian

Florida Keys Real Estate Report 305-395-0814

Florida Keys market Condition




Sales of 2,099 properties during


the first nine months of 2014


were  3% higher than


the 2,041 properties during that


same period in 2013. This


continues the trend of the past six


years; that of exceeding each


previous January—September


period since 2008 when it was913


The nine-month record


of 2,818 occurred in 2004.






Average Sale Price: Key West led all increases,  24% to $664K compared to $535K in 2013; an


average increase of  2% per month. Upper Keys ASP was up  18% at $486K from $411K.


The Middle Keys rose  10% to $416K from $377K. The Lower Keys declined-


10% to $335K, down from $374K last year




Florida Keys Market Report




Number of Sales: With the exception of the Lower Keys which had no change from the 385 sales


over the January-September period last year, all Keys market areas experienced increased sales


during the past nine months. Middle Keys sales rose  11% to 429 sales from 386. The Upper


Keys was up  2% to 675 from 664 in 2013, and Key West sales increased 


just  1% reaching 610 compared to 606 a year ago.



Florida Keys Real Estate Report