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Great Decisions are Values-Based Call Lela 305-395-0814

Monday, May 6, 2013   /   by Lela Ashkarian

Great Decisions are Values-Based Call Lela 305-395-0814

I believe the only genuine way communication can be given is when it comes from the heart.  Therefore, as Your Real Estate Consultant, I seek to communicate sincere caring for the people with whom I am consulting, thus  decision making is and will be easy when our values are clear. So, I understand our values and help my clients, like you,  focus on theirs.

I've got a couple of quick questions.  Just reply to this message and let me know the best phone number and time to reach you. Thanks. Lela Ashkarian, 305-395-0814...Cheers

Here are some thought provoking questions that might help us to bring clarity
What’s important about buying a home to you?

How soon would you like to be moved?

How would your plans be affected if you moved (earlier/later)?

What will this move accomplish for you?
What issues need resolution before the purchase? Would you like to buy first or sell first? Who else will be involved in the decision to purchase? How long have you been looking?

Have the best day of your life