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Real Estate Florida Keys Seller Tip 305-395-0814

Wednesday, July 27, 2016   /   by Lela Ashkarian

Real Estate Florida Keys Seller Tip 305-395-0814

It's good to Know, whether you are planning to sell in 30-60-90 days or a year from now. 

Experience shows! when we Price your house at or slightly below the current market value That will guarantee you maximize the price you get for your house. (Creates the Auction effect! Hire the Professional who is knowledgeable understanding and enthusiastic

FSBO's: There is an 89% chance that a seller will end up listing with a REALTOR® once they have exhausted doing it on their own. Once homeowners realize how much work it actually takes to sell a house they will also appreciate getting more money for their listing because an average listing sold by a REALTOR®typically nets more than $46,000 when compared to a FSBO. Ask yourself - if you could get that much more for your home, would yo still try to sell it on your own?

We have been asked many times - “How long is it going to take to sell my home?”. Well, the quick answer is: it depends on… Certain factors like the current market conditions are going to have a significant impact on the time it takes to find the right buyer. Every market has three types of market conditions. It could either be a seller’s market, buyer’s market or when everything is just normal is called a balanced market. 

Pricing your home accurately is going to have the largest impact on the length that your home is going to be listed for on the market. If you choose to ignore the pricing advice of your REALTOR®, then you might as well anchor down and be prepared to be showing your home for a very long time.

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