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Seller Writes a "Letter from the Heart" to Her Realtor, Lela Ashkarian 305-395-0814 www.SearchFloridaKeysHomes.com

Wednesday, February 5, 2014   /   by Lela Ashkarian

Seller Writes a "Letter from the Heart" to Her Realtor, Lela Ashkarian 305-395-0814 www.SearchFloridaKeysHomes.com

August 13, 2013
Words cannot express the depth of gratitude that you have given us in taking on the impossible task of listing our condo and selling it in record time. The circumstances at CC Condominium, as you are well aware, are utterly impossible. ----, yet you were able to professionally and coolly communicate with them to get the information you needed. They will give no one,orvners, tenants, especially realtors 5 minutes of their time, yet you sacrificed hours with
the manager in order to get the correct information and to review it until you understood all of the details regarding the multitude of assessments. our patience and professionalism exceeded anything we could expect from a Realtor.

Professionaily, there is nothing you left undone. You listed our condo, w e changed our mind on the short sale route, you relisted/updated to reflect a price that it would real and to our surprise it actually sold and had several offers within 3 days!! All of this, after
communicating with us over the past year, as we trudged through this nightmare at CC has become and tried to digest our gruesome circumstance. That is commendable to say the least !


In past experiences with realtors in Florida and New Jersey, we expect to do a lot of the leg work. If not, closings get canceled or pushed back among other negative circumstances becauset he realtor didn't do all of their job. You were on top of this transaction every step of the way, impeccable! You are aggressive in every thing you do and it shows, by you leading us down a very dark path into the light. We didn't always want to hear the cold, hard truth, but your patience, experience and knowledge shone through as you held our hand through this awful experience.


Your listening skills and true empathy to our horrific financial situation over the last year amaze us to this day. In having an open mind, you tried to find solutions that would put our interests and well being before your own. Commissions and sales came second and we came first, just writing that brings us utter joy and disbelief. Honesty, integrity and genuine human kindness are only a few adjectives to describe our experience with you. We will recommend your services to everyone we know.
Alayne and B