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To Fix or Not to Fix When Selling 305-395-0814

Wednesday, June 19, 2013   /   by Lela Ashkarian

To Fix or Not to Fix When Selling 305-395-0814

To Fix or Not to Fix when Selling


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Deciding what to fix and not fix before selling a home should be a simple calculation of dollars in vs. dollars out. However, whether a given project is worth doing depends on the current state of the property and a buyers’ expectation at that price range.


Sellers should talk with their real estate consultants about which tasks to do—and not do. For instance, should they paint? Should they refinish the wood floors? Would replacing the appliances be worthwhile? In your neighborhood, would new plumbing or electrical be a draw for buyers? What a seller does depends on what they’re competing against in their marketplace. A skilled and focused real estate consultant is the best source of information about what will help a home sell.


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 To Fix or Not to Fix When Selling 305-395-0814