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Waterfront Ke Colony Beach Vacation Home for Sale 305-395-0814

Thursday, May 9, 2013   /   by Lela Ashkarian

Waterfront Ke Colony Beach Vacation Home for Sale 305-395-0814


165 13th St , Key Colony, FL 33051

Conveniently located to grocery stores, medical facility, public transportation, proximity to library, office and home depot, marathon airport, car rentals and boat ramps.

Complete relaxation and outstanding leisure, Perfect Space to be who you want to be. This three bedrooms and two baths home on the deep water wide canal, has ocean and gulf of Mexico access, deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling at your leisure time or sun bathing around the private, serene pool surrounds with palm trees. Imagine yourself with your family right here right now! Don't procrastinate, you are a fan of procrastination you are generally used to settle for less in your life. Having found your perfect dream home has ended and great feelings will be with you from now on. visit www.SearchFloridaKeysHomes.com

Waking up refreshed in the morning with a smile on your face, it really doesn't matter if your first thought is devoted to your swim with dolphins, your new golfing record, the wonderful taste you gifted yourself at the restaurant by the boat or loving to swim all year-round in a heated pool. What it's really about.. Is the deep expanding joy of having so preciously taken care of the ones you love by buying this house. Being proud of yourself for making such an immensely satisfying decision can be an uplifting power for the countless wonderful days to come simply enjoying your life in your dream house. Having bought this house is just like this - Do you love these feelings? Lets make them real in an instant!


Like you, I already imagine you smiling having seen the amazing view, smelling the fresh nurturing air, being flooded by enthusiastic feelings that this diamond is yours and as I congratulate you on having bought an luxurious and exclusive piece of paradise you will be happy with long term, I also am very happy that you want your friends and colleagues to unleash similar feelings on their own.