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When Trust is Present, Real Estate Florida Keys, 305-395-0814

Tuesday, February 2, 2016   /   by Lela Ashkarian

When Trust is Present, Real Estate Florida Keys, 305-395-0814

When Trust is Present, Real Estate Florida Keys, 305-395-0814 

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Stephen Covey, “Low trust is the great hidden tax.”

…AND Beyond, By Lela Ashkarian

Early in the workday of March 6, 2012, I was in my office, tending to business. For the first two hours, I call two people, text them, or send them a handwritten note to thank them and ask if they know anyone they can introduce to me.

All of a sudden, I overheard the voices of a gentleman and his wife at the front desk, asking about Lela Ashkarian. Walter and Paula were very professional and eager to meet me. Walter started by telling me that he had been drawn to my work ethic, and his wife, Paula, said, “We referred you to Martha and Ernie,” a couple who had had their house listed for over a year with no offers.

As it turned out, Paula worked for the city of Marathon, and her manager was Martha. She was very frustrated being away from her husband who had already relocated to Georgia for his work. They wanted to sell their home and move on. After they were referred to me, I sold their house in thirty-seven days! They were very impressed – and shocked. “How did she do it in this economy?” Soon afterward, Martha joined her husband in Georgia.

Back to that morning of March 6, in my initial consultation with Walter and Paula, Walter told me that when his father died, he left a house in trust for thirteen people, but he was the decision-maker responsible for moving forward with selling the house. When I knew his 5/6/7 (selling the house, splitting the proceeds with his thirteen family members, getting on with his life, and traveling around the country in his new motor home), I suggested that he get an appraiser immediately, so we wouldn’t leave money on the table. Walter and Paula agreed and departed, smiling.

A few days later, I made an appointment to meet them at their house. It turned out to be what I called the “cute little grandma house.” Walter had already started to clean it, repaint it inside and out, and make all of the necessary upgrades after meeting with the appraiser. By the way, the appraiser came in with exactly the price I had given them in order to sell the house in a 30-to-60-day timeframe.


I loved this little house. It was spotless and in move-in condition. We did an open house, and immediately we received an offer. It was not accepted, but was countered, and immediately we reduced the price. The energy in this house was very pure. Right after the price reduction, I received a call from an out-of-town agent who wanted to show the home to her buyers. They had seen it on my YouTube channel. I met her buyers and happily showed them the little house.

Later, the agent called and told me, “You sold this property! I didn’t do a thing.”

The house was sold and closed in fifty-seven days. The happy young couple had always wanted a home in paradise for their own vacation purposes and to rent out when they were not using it. That was their 5/6/7.

Real Estate Florida Keys Marathon Home SOLD

At the celebration, the sellers were present. I accompanied them to the attorney’s office, and everyone was happy. Afterward, we went to brunch. During our conversation there, we talked about how well the process had gone. I told them how grateful I was that they had referred me to Martha, and that now all of us were friends. I asked them if they knew of a friend or neighbor whom they respected and could refer to me to enjoy the same kind of experience. I was shocked when Walter said, “Lela, I know you’re busy, but instead of placing an ad in the paper asking Who do you know who wants to buy/sell in the next 30 to 90 days? if I were you, I would give a quick call and offer time to people you know who might need your services.”

What a coincidence! I have learned in our By Referral Only Magic Dojo or when like-minded professional people come together, they think alike with one purpose in mind – to help people they care about and respect. So, I turned to Walter and, with a big smile, said, “Walter, I’m curious. Think about some of the people you know who could benefit from my help. Who’s the next person you know who would love to own a home in Florida Keys?”

That’s magic, isn’t it?

As for my past buyers, I adopted them. During the hurricane season, I sent letters to all of my customers and clients to let them know that I was their “pair of eyes” in their absence. Surprisingly, they called me and asked if I could sell the video that I prepared while I was marketing their property.

When positive energy flows through people you are serving, there is trust. The service is easy. It’s effortless. It’s instantaneous the way things go. Lack of that positive energy means it’s going to cost all of us more tax dollars. The late Stephen Covey, in his book, The 8th Habit, said, “Low trust is the great hidden tax.”

I have learned that when there is passion in what we do – and when we love wholeheartedly what we do and keep ego aside – things move faster than the speed of the Internet. Trust is the glue of life, as passion is the fire and desire, the fuel that brings the 5/6/7 into the manifestation of selling or buying a home with love.

 Cheers, have the best day of your life

When Trust is Present, Things Happen Fast!

I listen attentively, I respond quickly, I follow Up and Follow Thru promptly.  Have the best day of your life. Thank you