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OceanFront Lot Key Colony Beach, 305-395-0814

Wednesday, November 12, 2014   /   by Lela Ashkarian

OceanFront Lot Key Colony Beach, 305-395-0814

One and Only Unique, Upscale Luxury Home Site in Key Colony Beach

 neighborhood of Marathon, Florida Keys




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Build your Luxury home in Key Colony Beach.  Expensive, sought after Home Site, Call Lela 305-395-0814

One and Only Lot on Coury Drive, Upscale, Luxury, Unique Home Site. Ocean Front Unique Home Site, Coury Drive half acre, cleared lot in an upscale neighborhood of Key Colony Beach community.  Walking distance from Sunset Park.


Prior to the early 1950s, Shelter Key (on which most of Key Colony Beach is located) was a 97-acre  low-lying island. Then, Phil Sadowski began dredging around the island, adding to its size and increasing its height to six feet above mean sea level, and later built developments on the island.  Incorporation would become a blessing in 1960 for Key Colony Beach. Imagine, I was planted in this Island 1983 and fall in love with the lifestyle in Florida Keys.  I Stayed, invested and grew my business .. I can help you too..


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 Key Colony Beach, neighborhood of Marathon Florida Keys,  is reached over the Sadowski Causeway, which connects Key Colony Beach to Marathon, Florida on the east side of the city. It lies directly south of the City of Marathon, spanning a narrow cut.

Along the causeway are some charter fishing boats and a dockside restaurant called Sparky's Landing. At the base of the causeway, West Ocean Drive branches off first to the right and East Ocean Drive soon after branches to the left.  On West Ocean Drive is the police station, along with the post office and town hall. In the same vicinity is a small park with a fountain and a gazebo. The entire ocean-facing side of West Ocean Drive is lined by various condominium complexes, luxury homes, and home site such as this one.


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